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I do a lot of things and wear a lot of hats, but most of the time I like to just call myself a storyteller. I approach all my work from the perspective of what the story is, and how to most effectively tell the story that I'd like to tell.


This covers everything from my personal projects to corporate branding and identity work, from artworks to content and from words to imagery based work. I believe that at the core of every project, every campaign and every piece of art is a story to tell, and that every other detail about the end product should be supporting that story. If you feel that that's something you'd like to explore, let me know and let's work together!

Other than my freelancing day job, I also do a lot of knitting, drawing, hiking and cooking. I have a greyhound named Macy (who I talk about a lot - if she had the 

Hi! I'm Annie.


capacity to be embarrassed I'm sure she would be) and occasionally make comics. I attend as many zine fairs as I can and make as many zines as my time allows. I studied animation in university, which taught me to think from an audience's perspective for the rest of my life and cry about animated films.

I have a blog if you'd like to stay updated with my comings and goings, some social media (Instagram and Twitter, mostly) and an email for your communication needs. Maybe I'll hear from you soon!



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