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Monday; December Sketchbook

This sketchbook is made of lots of random assortments of notebook and newsprint paper. There’s some frankie poster bits that I’ve used (I have a lot of old ones of those). There’s a bit of vintage wrapping paper that I’ve come across and I think there’s also some pamphlet pages from events around town. 

I went to Michael’s house in the middle of the night and spent new years on the train. I also made a video (wow!) about my new years eve and day, imagine that. I don’t really like walking around with the camera pointed at myself quite just yet, but I think I’ll get the hang of it eventually after a few more videos. 

I’m still behind on photos right now but a few days after my birthday I’m going to develop every single roll that’s left all at once and dedicate a whole day to scanning them and putting them into albums because I’d prefer to do that than cry about leaving. Somehow I don’t really think I’ll have enough time to do that but I’ll at least have them developed I guess? Who knows. Lots of drawings lately. 

It was Michael’s birthday yesterday! He is an adult and it’s Facebook Official.

Pack life, 




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