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Friday; Yellow [page01]

Let’s begin with a single resolution from before the new year, and the possibility of a very long post.

Rather than aim for that amount of quality, I decided to just settle at an autobiographical series of doodles describing my daily activities, observations and odd bits and pieces, most of which aren’t too interesting, but my life (and handwriting) has definitely gotten much more interesting since the days of extension mathematics reaction comics.

In light of that, I give you a selection of the first 9 days of my daily 2013 comic, affectionately named


1st January, 2013

2nd January, 2013

3rd January, 2013

4th January, 2013

6th January, 2013

7th January, 2013

8th January, 2013

9th January, 2013

I shall not promise quality, or consistency, or quantity or anything, really in the content or anything else in Yellow. It’s a separate comic series from another that I plan on starting as soon as possible, and much more casual than anything else I’m working on at the moment. To get back into the habit of drawing as often as I did during high school during times I’m probably supposed to be doing something else is the purpose of this, and whatever turns out artistically, will turn out. I won’t even promise to post everything, only the halfway decent things.

Because this is how I relax, and this is familiar. Crack was a comic that kept me from going crazy during exam and class time in high school. Yellow may do something similar, or it may not.

Apologies in advance to people featured in the comics who look nothing like they do in real life. Only one or two features identify you from the other faces of people in the comic, and that’s just the way I draw autobiographical comics and doodles.

I plan on getting back into writing this year, at some point. It would be nice to get back into old hobbies, and I have a few things planned. I have wall space to fill in my room.

When I run out of wall space I’ll take down all the old things and store them away to look at later in the years, and put up new things that take me further.

Perhaps some of my written things may even land here. We’ll see.

We’ll see.

May the year be kind to you, Annie.



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