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Monday; Jubiläum

December was a pretty good month. 

Michael bought me a Lomo fish eye camera for our anniversary and I got him a pair of his only other loves in the world (shoes).

Thanks to now having 4 film cameras all my photos are slightly out of order, and I think I’ve packed my 2014 diary so I guess this can just be how I remember it until I can make sure these things happened in this order! Horray. 

There’s Willow Beats, dumpling dates, and some swings involved somehow in some order. Enjoy.

The fish eye doesn’t look very fishie until you take photos of people’s noses. It’s the only film camera I own with a built in flash, which uses AA (?) batteries which makes it the easiest camera for me to take everywhere. But now that I have so many cameras I usually take two or three with me and shoot on different films and settings depending on the situation, which is why all my photos will be a little messed up in chronology but I feel like, in a round about way, that reflects me more than disposables one after the other. 

Having a picnic is very quickly ascending to the top of my list of Activities I Like Very Much. I would like to picnic as much as I can and as often as I can. Combining a park picnic and charcoal chicken is Very Ideal.

I’ve been packing so intensely in the last three days, or as intensely as I can having spent half that time at Michael’s house. I’m also behind on my vlogs, mainly because if I’m not doing anything I just don’t shoot any footage and end up having one vlog with 4 days of footage under 4 min. But really, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting this at this point. I have two weeks left, so I’m probably going to queue up a bunch of posts and let them run until I somehow find a scanner in Zurich. 

Ich halte mir die Daumen!




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