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Wednesday; Extra Fishy

Go to Michael’s, stay at Michael’s, come home with Michael, chill out with Michael, play Pokemon. A more accurate summary of my life might also include the animating and reading and photographing everything. But that’s being nitpicky. 

Clovelly is a nice place, but we were really hoping for a nice sunset and then spent the next two months looking for it with no luck. I hope the skies grant Silka a nice sunset somewhere in the world at some point.

I lived in Beverly Hills for a fair amount of years, considering the longest I’ve lived anywhere is 6 years, but I hadn’t been visiting Beverly Hills or Campsie (my two longest temporary homes) in a long time. It’s enjoyable to walk along memorable roads because I’m all about that nostalgia.

I gotta get some drawings in too for some January sketchbook times, but we’ll see. We’ll see.

Aesthetic, Annie.



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