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Thursday; OctoNick

I did this back in October somewhere between the mural and the endless pub trips, but it’s pretty rare for me to keep so many halfway drawings so I thought why not? The new Future Perfect is out and I did a doodad of Nick. This is where it started.

Instagram is, for some reason, a much better choice to look for photos when assigned to draw someone. I did a ton of sketches and finished with this one, and planned to redraw it over and over with no assistance until I was at Michael’s one day and he very intelligently pointed out that I could use his scanner/printer combination machine to pump out essentially what was physical layers. Such a smart boy, that one.

I did about 20 editions of iterations right on top of the first Nick sketch and then went through them all to highlight the parts I wanted to change, and then did a fair amount of those changes over and over again.

I ended up with so many pages and pages of Nick’s face sown all over Michael’s bed (where I was working). So then I tried to comp everything together and ended up with this thing:

And I wasn’t that happy with it, so then I comped a few more versions on the photo shops and finished with the beauty that is Nick’s portrait. 

Things that are happening:

  1. I started watching Law&Order: SVU which is probably not good

  2. I visited my grandparents today and ate an absurd amount of tofu

  3. I finished Eddie Huang’s Fresh off the Boat and now I can’t stop thinking about it

  4. Ignoring that they rebranded as Huang’s World because FotB forever

  5. I’m actually really lost now that my diary doesn’t fit into my tiny backpack because I never know what I’m doing anymore

Übergeben Sie die Krake, 




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