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Sunday; Hangenoveren

You know your night’s been eventful when you wake up with only a 40% recollection of what has happened and why your floor is covered with presents and a wet towel. For the first time in my life I organised a get together with more than 20 people currently willing to put aside a night to eat free food. It was pretty good, I think. A little crazy. I only remember about 40% so what’s in my memory is pretty good. Maybe it was terrible and I just forgot all of the terrible.

I spent a fair amount of hours making this bangin’ playlist. Listen in order for maximal impact. Apparently it’s got weird music and lots of 2000s nostalgia? I guess that is an accurate summary of my music tastes.

I just want to lay in bed all day but with a week left in the country I have too much to do to lay in bed all day. Except it’s 2pm and all I’ve done is lay in bed all day with only trips to the pee room and also opening presents that I literally asked people not to bring. But I actually love the way my friends will totally ignore that. What is friendship besides loving the total disregard of each other you both have? I would talk more on that if I could think of a way to make it sound less sarcastic.

I took four disposables with me but only finished two, so I guess I’ll take the rest of the photos in the next three days. I am about 20% functional right now. Percentages everywhere.

Turnt, Annie.



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