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Saturday; Yellow [page02]

Let’s begin with birthdays.

I have freshly completed my last days of being 18, and have graduated to start my 19th year as a human. It doesn’t seem too bad, yet. 

I spent the first day of being 19 with lovelies, beauties and two thirds of my brilliantly shiny golden trio. To have more than one of them in one room together makes my life a better life, and my sorrows all the better. I woke to many scattered messages from admirers classmates, darlings and even acquaintances, deep somewhere in the Northern Beaches, with a particularly fantastic phone call that involved Jessica and many others whom I knew not singing Happy Birthday for me. I had a simple birthday breakfast cooked by the fellow Januarian, and the rest of the day mainly involved more glorious, glorious food, and the unavoidable alcoholic drink, the latter of which I don’t plan on touching very often for the rest of however long it ends up being. 

As a birthday gift to myself I shall post an extra long post, because waiting until next week to post the things that happened on my birthday would be a silly idea.

The next few days of Yellow are just as interesting as the first 9, so without further interruptions here is a selection of the finest cheese and corn.

10th January, 2013

11th January, 2013

12th January, 2013

13th January, 2013

14th January, 2013

The whole scavenger hunt was Silka's idea for her boyfriend so I think that she deserves Girlfriend of the Year

15th January, 2013

We were being an old couple on the balcony it was great

16th January, 2013

Michael is a secret geek on the inside; he knows so much about Lord of the Rings it's adorable

17th January, 2013

19th January, 2013

20th January, 2013

21st January, 2013

22nd January, 2013

23rd January, 2013

This is the most accurate depiction of any friendship ever everyone else can go home

24th January, 2013

25th January, 2013

Apologies, in this instance, go to the ones whose eyes are strained from attempting to read my scribble, the people who I have mentioned and/or drawn without prior warning, and those who are in the comics but didn’t make the final selection. I still love you. Maybe some day I’ll be able to bother with actual legible handwriting or a typed script for my comics but now is not the day.

I’m trying something new with the blocks of shades because halfway through the two weeks here I stopped crosshatching my hair and all that for no particular reason at all. Yellow is just a big experiment for me, I suppose, so all is in fun and hopes and dreams.

While I speak of experiments, Jess and I created this monster of 30 seconds today, here on my sketchblog, and I love it because it has a face only two mothers could love.

It’s Chinese New Year soon! My mother will be back in Australia, and in our apartment for the first time since we had less furniture than eyeballs. I look forward to seeing how she reacts to the giant amount of knickknacks we own.

I have been cleaning a lot. Firstly because Midnight needs it, and secondly because it’s surprisingly therapeutic. Here is a short list of things that moving out has taught me to do when stressed:

  1. Clean like crazy because it switches off my mind and turns me into a robot;

  2. The laundry, because it gives me an excuse to get away from stress later (kind of like a Get Out of Jail Free card saved for later);

  3. Write because it lets me pour out the awful;

  4. Cook because food makes anything terrible not that bad;

  5. Write a letter to Nataliya because letters to her make my life a better life;

  6. Sleep because I don’t get enough of it as it is.

I’m not sure why I didn’t already learn these lessons from normal life regardless of moving out or not but the days of the past were not Candy Days as they are now, so I suppose it’s not that surprising after. Those days, however, are another post, another story for another day. 

All in well right now, and that’s all I would like to dwell on for the moment.

Many merry super happy fun times, 




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