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update; new year//new me

You’ll never guess who’s back.

2015 was a spectacularly spontaneous but highly stressful time of my life, and I’m ready to get back on track now. As of later today (it’s 1:30am) I will be in possession of both a car (which I will learn how to operate) and a scanner (which, my god, about time really). The rest of my year has been penciled out to the clearest of my ability so far, and my room, while not totally unpacked yet, is becoming quite homey.

I’ve had a few people pick up on the fact that I haven’t been posting that many drawings lately, and the shameful answer to that is that I haven’t really been drawing as much. There are a whole wall of excuses behind that (I didn’t have access to a scanner, I was traveling all the time and photos/videos were the no. 1 priority, the luggage contents that I needed to bring home were already overweight…….) but in the end, I was just giving myself reasons to not draw. So that needs to be remedied. Thanks specifically to Seb for getting up my ass about that.

My mother will be in Sydney until the 23rd of February, but hopefully that shan’t get in the way of the shiny new official updating schedule of 2016! Speaking of which, is, so far, as such:

1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month will be the very many rolls of 2015 Europe photos that I’ve just started getting developed! The ones with people in them I will also be including on my Facebook page, because of course not everyone is checking my blog at this point.
2nd Saturday of every month will be a drawing update of some sort, either of projects or doodles or whatever.
Last Wednesday of each month will be a written update, which sometimes may or may not include vlogs or videos. 
All of June and most of July will be photos, and possibly some other surprises.

At this point, the fastest way to see what I’m doing is generally Snapchat (which is still under my old handle, oncestrangers) for all the silly dumb shit I do, or Instagram for a slightly more serious #aesthetic.

February is very likely going to be scattered as I get myself into rhythm, but I should be into it and rolling by the time it hits April.

Here’s another list, because those I like. Things to do before uni starts again:

  1. Make a printed scrapbook of 2015 Europe everything from phone 

  2. Drive as much as possible

  3. Get your sleeping pattern back to something that’s at least regular somehow

  4. Regulate your room

  5. Figure out where my other guitar is

  6. Make notebooks

  7. Send postcards, also send Timtams

It’s now too late for me to think straight. Have an excellent day, where ever in the world you are. 





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