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Gaby’s big farewell was just before mine, I think. I took almost no photos pre-departure, because I really was caught up in the moment. Leaving people and places and things this round was unbelievably scary because I was comfortable for the first time since I was a child. 

But in the end I have some weird strand of nomad blood after all. 

Here’s Zurich. 

All my first impressions included snow, but I didn’t start taking photos until all the snow was basically gone. I remember thinking that Zurich seemed to always be grey and cold, but obviously this was very much a winter thing. 

On the 7th of February, we went to the Landesmuseum.

The front of Landesmuseum was under construction pretty much the entire time I was in Switzerland, so I never really saw it in it’s full glory. The inside of the museum itself is lined with incredible history, and some of the floorboards squeaked so loudly that I ran out of the room immediately after stepping inside in fear of falling through (which, of course, is the silliest thing I could have feared). 

There was a paper cutting exhibition, the permanent history and culture exhibition and another one that I have now forgotten. 

The museum ticket was a sticker that I stuck in my diary, but I didn’t have enough space to stick it in the right week so I stuck it in a different week. A year later, that made me very confused about the chronology of events so I spent a good hour searching for the right day. My vlogs were useful after all. 

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I’m surprisingly on track! Today I handed another three rolls of film to the old Korean man who was very confused as to why I handed him so many rolls of film last week that only really had half of the photos that actually were images of real things and not just flashes of colour (not that I would complain). The reason was because I was a dumbass and thought one of my cameras was empty. It was not, and I wasted half a roll, but ah well. It’s all part of the film camera adventure. 

I have a Fisheye lens for my phone now, but I’ll probably still use my Fisheye film camera (because I’m a creature of habit). 

I’ve spent the past few days resting, actually. My jet lag has finally dispersed so it’s actually time to get back to doing work. 

Wish me luck because, as always, I’ll need it, 




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