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draw; selfies 01

In between all the reorganising and readjusting, I’ve realised that I’ve drawn more selfies in the past few years than anything else. It’s been a default to revert back to, and I’ve done it since I was probably about 13. 9 years of selfies. That’s probably a future project waiting to happen.

I had a tough beginning of the week so I drew a lot of foetal positioned selfies to make myself feel better. It worked. I’d recommend it, but who knows if it’ll work again. 

On Monday I went to the beach for the first time since getting back into the country. Coogee has a lot of foreigners, perhaps because it’s so close to the city. It didn’t seem to have too many tourists though, which is usually my problem with Bondi and Manly. The tourists themselves I’m fine with, but crowds are not so much my thing.

Coogee also has the Coogee Pavilion, which I quite like. There are a lot of dogs outside in and passing by the seating area just near the entrance, which is definitely another reason why I like it there.

I think I drew the same lady over and over for about six or seven pages. It was nice, drawing on the beach. Maybe that’s why my back is a little sunburnt.

I haven’t animated anything in a while, but here’s another gif that I might end up fixing into a loop soon. I have a thing to do for my mother that she had asked for a while ago, which I’ll probably get done in the next two weeks.

I keep doing that thing where I walk into another room and then immediately forget why I walked in there. Sometimes I forget to pee. I feel like an ageing dog. Here’s the gif. Hopefully I figure out the timing a little nicer and animate it.

It’s hard some days to stay awake when I wake up in the morning. Not because I haven’t had enough sleep (though this is also the culprit many times over), but because I lack motivation to actually step outside my front door. I spent the first two days of the week (after going to the beach for the majority of the day) just at home and not talking to anyone. 

On the other hand, thank god for Australian coffee. 

I really enjoy owning a scanner, 




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