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We caught the usual last train to Basel on a Sunday night even though there were extra trains all night because of Fasnacht and I witnessed Switzerland at it’s annual weirdest. Google Basler Fasnacht. Go on.

The group ended up at about 20 people, scattering during the night after a big gathering at the pub. It couldn’t be helped since the crowds were ridiculous. A friend ended up carrying me on his shoulders most of the night, partially because he was drunk from the half a bottle of Polish vodka he had consumed, and partially because I was getting quite stressed out about the possibility of getting lost.

A lot of the rest of these aren’t so clear, but they’re going up anyway because I quite like them.

With images so dark, I even got the inkling to do something I don’t usually do.  No but really, this post really is quite dark, and it’s because Fasnacht was mostly in the dark, or too dark for me to actually use my camera. I clearly didn’t know this at the time because I have a ridiculous amount of photos from Fasnacht, but it was so worth it because out of the entire year that was probably the weirdest, and most Swiss thing I’d ever seen, which is something that I keep saying because it’s the truth.

Everyone needs to see Basler Fasnacht.

I actually had class the next afternoon, but I ended up skipping it (don’t be like me, kids) and staying for almost the whole of the first day of Fasnacht. Entirely an irresponsible decision, especially since we ended up at a hostel that half the group had booked earlier in the week. I ended up sleeping an hour or two that night in a bed with three other girls in it. It was surprisingly comfortable.

I think at this point I was still just discovering the wonder that is Javi, whom I miss an incredible amount. Thank god his birthday is conveniently just before I leave Europe mid year this year. It’s going to be fantastic.

The vlog from this post is here. There are two parts, both of which will explain that last photo so I don’t particularly feel like I need to explain the randomised assortment of things. That penguin stuffed toy is currently living on my window sill and his name is Jono.

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This week I sent a bunch of postcards, sorted out a bunch of car stuff, went driving multiple times, didn’t die, went to Nelson Bay for mum’s birthday and a few other things. I even made gifs! I even started writing my report and all. It’s been a productive week.

I’ve almost finished developing all my rolls of film. To no one’s surprise, there are giant gaps in between rolls, and sometimes a month’s gap in a single roll. These gaps are usually filled by my phone photos, which I will be putting up once I make them into a scrapbook. Because I’m silly and scrapbooks are fun. 

I did a quick calculation and figured that if I only post 2015 photos twice a month I won’t be done until roughly two or three months after I’m back from Europe. With the fact that I probably won’t be taking my laptop with me to Europe, I’m going to be posting once a week on Saturdays between when I leave on June 11th and when I get back on July 18th so that I’ll finish posting them all roughly at the end of July, and probably have a scrapbook to finish and hopefully lots of Europe drawings to post after that! Either way, in June and July I’ll probably be most active on Instagram (@annieandthemotions) and Snapchat (oncestrangers).

I’m a day late! I swear it’s because I couldn’t figure out how to queue posts up properly. No, really!

Chuck us your address if you want a postcard, 




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