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photos; konstanz

I can’t exactly remember when this was, but this trip to Konstanz pretty much marks the beginning of my friendship with the Dominiks. 

Konstanz is about an hour away from Zurich by both train and car. It’s super cute and kind of small, but had a shopping centre right next the train station where everything is still like a third of the prices they’d be in Zurich, even factoring in the cost of the trip over the border.

It became a fairly regular thing where I would go over there to drink a semi-decent coffee and eat my weight in sushi.

I have no idea why Dom and Grady are posing like that. They look like grandparents.

The vlog from this post is here.

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I realised midway through this week how terrible I am at keep a schedule to do anything. Usually I think it’s just because nothing in my life is all that regular, but really that’s probably just an excuse to never get into the habit of doing anything (which is a bit shit). 

But since I never ended up posting that other update that I was supposed to last week, here’s a slightly longer one getting put up with this post. 

Most of Zurich from last year has now gone and come home. Most of the ICS kids from this year have started to leave. Since my last post, I’ve hung out with Jackson and Gaby and Jocelyn and Kate in Sydney and Sarah’s back in Melbourne, Paul’s come back from his trip and so is Ayon. 

So that’s all fine and dandy. My report is coming along fine enough but I hate thinking about it (along with any and all my other responsibilities because in the end I am only a child really). 

I keep telling myself I need to draw more only to feel guilty every time I do.

It’s Mardi Gras today! Happy something.

I hope to see the parade for the first time in my life tonight, wish me luck! But before that, yet another driving lesson.

I kinda suck at driving, Annie.



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