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Saturday; Disposable 7.0

Michael’s birthday is the same day as his sister’s, which I think is incredible. We went to Callala Bay, and there was some beach, some fish and chips, some paranormal adventure watching, some thumbs in cakes and berry nice.

These days I can easily use up a whole disposable for one event. I used to be so precious (and lazy) with it.

Time is passing really quickly and not quickly enough at the same time. Everything is a little surreal and I try quite hard to keep up but half the time I have no idea what I’m doing and things go wrong and it takes me a long time to get back on track.

Ich bin müder als jemals. Das Wetter ist seltsam und mein Kopf ist unordentlich, aber alles ist klar und alles ist gut und diese Zeit im nächsten Jahr werde ich in der Schweiz sein.

Viva la Vivid, Annie.



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