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photos; home again

Where the heart is, really. I adore this place.

James came to town somewhere in early December and it was a miracle.

Tim came to visit, and then mum was back in town, and then Sydney came to Sydney, and Christmas involved hot pot in aircon and it was glorious.

We went to the Kiama Blowhole with no concept of tides and how they’d affect what we’d see so we ended up just climbing rocks for hours. It was actually quite fantastic and I’d recommend it even if you don’t stay for the tide coming in (we didn’t).

Showing Sydney around Sydney had been a goal of mine since I met her, namely for the hilarious purpose of tagging every variation of #SYDINSYD possible.

I miss her very much.

New Years Eve was spent at Darling Point, which looks at the back of the bridge where you can’t see the waterfall fireworks but was still a brilliant, brilliant time.

I’ll still be watching from home next time. It was less crowded than expected but nothing beats watching the televised fireworks at the same time as watching the actual fireworks while in the comfort of your own apartment.

It’s the end of March and I’m posting about four months ago. That’s gotta be an improvement, right? I’m onto the actual same year!

Granted, I don’t take as many photos these days as I do while travelling.

Yesterday I realised I fucked up a roll of film that was in my yellow camera, and now I don’t have a record of some very lovely moments from earlier this year, and I am so incredibly angry with myself. But what can you do? I’m an idiot on all fronts. It’s more surprising that this doesn’t happen more often.

Things to do before HK/China/Singapore:

  1. sort out bank rubbish

  2. start on site etc

  3. finish animatic for mv

  4. get a zine done ugh

  5. buy a mattress for Connor

  6. sort out furniture for Connor

  7. find wherever it is that I’ve put my mental health plan

  8. get (re)started on therapy

  9. sort out Connor bills

Here’s my 2017 moodboard




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