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photos; belgium & turkey & bikes

I don’t want to think about life, and realised yesterday that I missed scanning two or three entire posts. So here’s how this will end up, I guess. I’ll probably do a read more cut somewhere because it’ll be a long one.

I’m a mess, but what’s new?

We spent most of our trip to Belgium in Antwerp, which I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. All the cafes and art and buildings are just so lovely, and the train station is absolutely brilliant. The following weekend we went to Istanbul, which I loved in a whole other way.

It’s pretty obvious that at this point since I wasn’t developing things often I wasn’t sure of which settings did exactly what, and unfortunately (or, alternatively, fortunately) my photos all turned out pretty blended up. I still love how they look though, because Istanbul is beautiful even if you look at it through a blender. 

I think the week after the trip to Istanbul I ditched class one day to go on a bike ride around the lake in Zurich, which I actually completely do not regret. 

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I’ll be posting another post before I’m updated with the schedule I had before I realised all these missed posts. Look forward to the spam!

Blender life, 




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