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Saturday; Shameful (but not really)

It’s been a solid two months of being in Zürich, my friends. Here is a list of topics that I could have written this blog post about.

  1. I’ve been vlogging and travelling more than I’ve been blogging and drawing and still need to buy a scanner

  2. So far I’ve been to Amsterdam, Davos, Berlin, Konstanz, Antwerpen, Brussels, and Fribourg. I have plans for Tübingen, for a road trip down Italy, another film festival in Nyon, and then (skipping a few weeks) Barcelona, Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Bologna’s Cinema Ritrovato.

  3. This is the first weekend I’ve spent in Zürich since the first weekend of me arriving in Switzerland

  4. Xxxxxtreme Deutsch is over but I’ve managed to still not sort out all my classes completely

  5. All my sketchbooks are shamefully empty so I would definitely not consider myself settled in yet, even after two whole months

  6. I have sent out some postcards so if you want a postcard or several please let me know and I’ll send you some strange words

  7. I urgently need to find a place to develop my rolls of film but where do I even begin to look for that

  8. Very seriously considered dropping out of ICS to just travel but will see where this semester takes me before I make rash decisions

  9. I really miss pub food and Japanese food and Chinatown

  10. I went to Fribourg International Film Festival and watched a bunch of amazing films but missed out on A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence and it’s killing me I really need it in my life

Things are spiralling a little out of my grasp at this point, but I don’t think that that’s too bad of a thing to be happening. 

I’ll write again soon and hopefully have a little more order to my life. But really, I’ve had too much order in my life in the past forever. 

Hang loose, 




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