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Saturday; Whale Tail

We came back from summer break to get a week of anticipation and two weeks of solid crazed work on a pitch for the National Maritime Museum, for the Vivid light festival. These are the first five frames of that storyboard pitch, the first three of which I pumped out in about two hours. I spent a fair few more hours on each frame after that. 

At one point I didn’t even want the job. We were fixing up the storyboard for days and days and days, and the final product was produced in about a total of 20 straight hours. It was a very strange day. 

It was a good glimpse of my possible future though. I’ve been recovering since then. 

A combination of people worked on the whole thing, but none of them have a solid online presence (that I know of) besides Haein who did some crazy style frames and Alex who is a goddess with colour. 

In other news, there’ll probably be more drawings than disposables from me lately, since my social life is clearly on the downhill and my workload gets higher and higher by the hour. 

Heute bin ich beschissen, 




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