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Towards the end of July I was lucky enough to go to Bologna and witness the extravaganza that is Cinema Ritrovato. Being the good person I am, I barely slept after bugging my friends all night and got on the wrong train in Milan to transfer to a regional train (mainly because my phone’s internet didn’t work in Italy and I am at a total loss when I don’t have the help of the internet) but somehow ended up in Bologna anyway, just four hours late.

It was one of the best decisions of my life. I’d never been so confused for the duration of almost an entire week, and enjoyed every moment of it.

Bologna is beautiful regardless of the film festival, but with it on it’s absolutely breathtaking. And then I went home for possibly three or four days before flying to Portugal with Gaby. 

We went from Lisbon, to Porto, to Salamanca, to Madrid, Bilbao, fast tracked through Bordeaux to fly to London and meet with Jocelyn and Kate, before I flew back.

It seems that I pretty much didn’t photograph that at all and/or somehow destroyed the film. It was a while before I started to keep track of my rolls of film actually, so that wouldn’t be surprising almost at all.

While I was in Porto, Gaby got sick for roughly five days. We ended up staying a few more nights in Porto and while (poor thing) Gaby coughed and sniffled in bed, I bounded around the city and met over a dozen people from all over the world at the brilliant hostel we stayed at. I ended up visiting the two Austrians that shared my room in Vienna later on in the year, and I’ll be heading back there in two months to bug them and the Dominiks again. You cannot imagine how excited I am for that day. 

While I barely photographed, I vlogged quite a bit over this summer trip. It’s probably a little funny to watch me film and photograph and photograph and photograph with different types of media all in a row, but it was worth it. Now I have all these different versions of the same thing, and they’re all lovely. 

Otherwise I’d forget, which is a terrifying thought. 

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I have three different assignments to think about, and here I am, posting photos from last year. What’s new? 

That weird destructive cycle’s at it again. I really must stop thinking of breaks as procrastination or I’ll go mad. It’s a little horrifying that I only realistically have two days left to do work, but who needs sleep? Definitely not me.

It’s all happening, 




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