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The first and last time I ever swam in Lake Zurich was on the last golden day of having the first semester kids back for one last kick off. Megan apparently cancelled her ticket back into Zurich before buying another one fairly last minute, and Dom and Niki were back for exams.

I miss these guys quite terribly.

On the last few days of August, before Dom and Victor both left for home, the three of us made day trips to Bern and Ticino. It was glorious, and the image of Victor and Dom jumping off an impossibly high bridge in the middle of Ticino into crystal clear, bright blue water will forever be embedded into my brain.

I never appreciated the brilliance that is the Swiss countryside until those train trips.

Walking around with the two of them felt like having two 190cm tall body guards all the time. I had to run back four or five steps to even hope to get into selfies with Dom and Victor.

And then Javi and I were left.

In between everyone leaving and meeting the new kids, I went to Lollapalooza in Berlin with Kevin, who is one of the rare friends I’ve had since 2010 which was when I joined Tumblr. I met Kevin through a mutual friend of ours who followed me on Tumblr back when I was still befriending people only through the internet. I didn’t meet him in person until last year, which was all levels of weird and wonderful all mixed together. 

The internet has given me such lovely things and such lovely people. 

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I was just in Melbourne for the weekend! I saw Sarah and exploded. I also ran into Claire, and had a coffee with Loic and bought a t shirt that said 2007 Pretzelpalooza, with a slogan on the back that says “Keep an Open Mouth”. It’s the funniest thing I own, right after the David Shrigley hat that he designed specifically for his exhibition at NGV. 

The weekend made up for my week. The downside is that I haven’t had the time to start or finish my homework for illustration, but I’ll make up for that during this week hopefully. Sarah comes up to Sydney the coming weekend, and I’m terribly excited.

I’ll post some drawings later this week. I’ve got a bunch of things scanned, but I need to crop and fix them up a little before posting. All in good time. 

But for now, sleep, 




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