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photos; barcelona & victor

The second time I went to Barcelona I was significantly more sober the entire time. Victor had pretty much an entire weekend planned out, and I saw a bunch of places that I didn’t see the time before. He also took me to an art exhibit market that was one of the best things of my whole year. 

Victor is pretty great.

I didn’t ever end up going into the Sagrada Familia. There were just too many people, and Victor had already been before when Gaby, Javi and I couldn’t be alive enough to go. Besides, I get the feeling that I’ll be back in Barcelona more times in my life than I care to think about right now. Gotta go touch some beards every now and then.

Victor took me to a maze, which wasn’t nearly as dense as it probably should have been. You could see through the walls, and if Victor did a little jump he could probably navigate the entire thing pretty easily. If I was left alone I’d probably die though. 

The gardens around were quite lovely, but it was an overcast day and I didn’t bring my flash with me. The photos ended up looking quite moody and lovely. I think we went out that night? Or rested, who knows. 

The next day Victor took me to design markets, where I ate a bunch of food and drank my first Spanish flat white, which was such a breath of fresh air. I also took my absolute favourite photo of Victor ever. 

Javi was still writing his infamous thesis at this point, and quite stressed but still 100% Javi minus smoking. I don’t know if I took any photos of him at all this trip, since I only saw him once or twice that weekend. But at this point I was already planning another trip back to Barcelona for Victor’s birthday, so I wasn’t too down about not spending enough time with Javi. 

Strangely enough, out of the six or seven months that I was living in the same city as Victor, I easily spent the most time with him out of every one else that I had met. At this point I can definitely say that he is one of the best people I’ve met. While we were in Zurich we struck up what I would call an irreplaceable friendship, and even now while I’m on the other side of the world I hold all the affection for him possible. 

In words it’s hard to explain, so I think people misinterpret our friendship sometimes but I mean, let’s face it, I don’t particularly care. Victor is one of my favourite humans. 

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I’m finishing a character turn around tonight, so here I am posting photos at 2am and taking a break from crosseyed watercolour painting. 

Sarah’s in town for the whole weekend! With her working on my bed and me working on my desk, I don’t feel like anything has changed from being in Zurich almost at all. Except that no one else from that entire group of people is here, which is weird but it’s all so fine. 

I’ll post some drawings next, to break up this monotony of photo post after photo post. Not that I mind either way, really. 

Back to work, 


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