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photos; swiss dreams 03

I went to Fribourg for a quick meeting with my ICS coordinator in late September, and had a little realisation of how much work I actually had to do.

I’m pretty sure this was the trip where I had fondue for the first time, as well.

At this point in the year I realised how little of Switzerland I had photographed, and proceeded to do so. I know I complained a lot during the year, especially with regards to expenses, but Switzerland really is a beautiful place to live. 

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In a mere four months I’ve posted as much as I did all year, last year. I guess that’s the difference in the amount of work and projects I’m putting myself through! Fun fun. 

I’ve been pimping up my Facebook page, if you don’t already know. At some point it’ll be good enough to act as a portal into basically all the art things I post online so I can just separate finished work and photo diaries into this blog, unfinished work and sketches onto my Tumblr sketchbook, vlogs and video diaries onto my Youtube, and eventually work out an online portfolio somewhere else. 

So much to do, as always as always. I gotta go buy some watercolours because I’m back in that game. I smelt masking fluid for the first time in a long time the other day and got flashbacks to feeling cheated when I found out it was a thing. Oh high school, it’s been so long. 

Time to spend Too Much Money, 




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