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I got dressed up and pretended to be an adult for a night somewhere I think in November. It was a good night, filled with stories that I wish I could keep telling.

But letting those hours bang around in my head is quite nice, too.

The Christmas Markets in Zurich introduced us to the idea of a raclette burger and I think all our lives were changed instantly. At one point there were multiple people that I knew who were there eating that burger one after the other messaging me about it.

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Basically all the people I started this degree with have now graduated and have started working. This is for some reason really stressful to me and I think about that a lot. 

The other day Alex, Alex and Joel came back and gave a guest lecture, which I legitimately lost my shit over. It’s really strange when something you’ve joked about in the past becomes reality. Watching people move on in life away from you is pretty stressful too. I used to spend every day with these people, and now they’re all working actual jobs, and I see them once a month if I’m lucky. 

I suppose it’s pretty fair to say that I don’t respond to change that well, which is weird for someone who’s moved houses at least once a year since moving out of home. 

I’ve been eating a lot of avocado and dumplings. 

Thanks for sticking around, 




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