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draw; silhouettes

Just, you know, practice. I’ve been looking at Victor Courtwright, who quite literally embodies quantity is quality. His Tumblr is filled with work.

I’ve also been looking at a lot of Effy’s work because she’s lovely and her work is just as lovely.

Very likely to be uploading these everywhere because I like them. I need to learn how to shade.

Other things happening right now:

  1. I had lunch with Neha today! It was super lovely. I miss living across the courtyard from her

  2. I’m going to start posting a bunch of scans from my sketchbooks last year because I just realised I scan in a bunch of those drawings a few weeks back and forgot about them

  3. I really need to get my shit together and get these zines out of my system

  4. Vlad and I are progressing through his list of movies pretty rapidly, but we’re also adding movies onto the list at around about the same pace

  5. I really need to buy some sticker paper. Hopefully sometime in the next week I can make time to go to Officeworks

Werk werk werk werk werk, Annie.



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