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photos; last days 03

I found a few skipped photos from the Last Days while I was putting them all into albums. I also found that I hadn’t scanned all the Uetliburg photos, which are all lovely so here we go.

Switzerland has a different kind of beauty to everywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s old as balls but everything feels clean and still in use and very put together. 

Nothing feels out of place. Everything is exactly where it should be. 

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I had a groundbreaking migraine yesterday and ended up going to bed at 8pm. It was ridiculous. I slept until 4am and then kind of lost my will to live but now I’m editing photos and it’s not so bad. I might even go out for breakfast. 

Thanks to Illustration 1 I’ve been doing so much work and been more motivated to make my own stuff than ever. Almost every second thing I’ve been posting on Instagram has been art in the last month, and I can’t even begin to explain how much of a good feeling that gives me. 

A pile of drawings that I’ve scanned sitting on my table makes me strangely proud. So if I can fix up my sleep again, in conjunction with how regular my meals have been I’ll be hilariously normal for once. I can’t say that I’ve been aiming for that in the past but lately I’ve been calling myself out for bad habits. So that’s that. 

I’m in dire need for fixative, 




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