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photos; berlin

I went to Berlin a total of three times last year, and each time was almost entirely different from the last in terms of purpose and experience. Berlin is an amazing city, I can see why so many people rave on about it.

One of my favourite things about Berlin is how run down some of the buildings are. Mina & her friends stayed in a BnB that might have been a squatter’s den at some point, including the point during which they were there, but it made an amazing pre NYE party place. 

My new years was spent being terrified by fireworks on the street on the way to a techno club, which, I mean, really was an experience itself. I’m utterly thankful that private fireworks are illegal in Australia. They’re incredibly scary when you’re out of your mind drunk and children are amusing themselves by throwing them at you on the street.

The club, I think, was called ://about Blank and later when I looked it up it was described firstly as “previously illegal”, which I enjoy quite a lot.

I had booked a flight at 5pm the next day on the first to go to Brussels for Tim’s birthday, which I thought would be appropriately late considering the hangover I predicted. I was entirely incorrect and my hangover persisted the whole trip, but at least I had babes waiting for me on the other side.

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It’s still seemingly improbable for me to finish all the work I need to get done, but my body was having a break down and I essentially have been needing friends to help manipulate my brain into not feeling guilty for sleeping more than 2 hours a night every now and then. 

But I know I’ll be #sofine when I get on that plane, so I just gotta hold on until then. 

Keep on keepin’ on, 




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