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photos; amsterdang

I decided that the few of us that were left in Zurich at the time should go to Amsterdam for Tim’s birthday after the new year because I’m a very good friend. It totally didn’t involve peer pressure of any kind.

I’ve never been to Amsterdam in summer, which may change this upcoming European summer. I remember it as grey and windy, and excessively friendly.

I adore Amsterdam. 

Among several other amazing places, we found a cafe that was based around a single food (omelettes), a cafe that was also a barber (several Australians worked there, what a surprise), and I finally went to the EYE Filmmuseum.

I can definitely see myself living in a place like Amsterdam. It’d be my second pick, right after Berlin.

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I’ve kind of started packing right in the middle of packing, since I’ve moved most of my belongings back to Burwood, where there’s a whole pile of IKEA waiting for Vlad and I to tear into, and since doing my last load of laundry before I leave. 

It’s currently 2:40am, so I technically leave tomorrow at around midday, which is making me panic quite a bit right now. Realistically, I know that I am simultaneously underestimating and overestimating the amount of work I have left and the amount of work I can do that’s left. I am both too stressed, and not stressed enough. 

But really, what’s new?

It’s apocalyptic Friday, 




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