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Sunday; Throwin’ back

I realised I hadn’t yet put up any of the current vlogs here, so I’m fixing that. Here’s today’s uploads of our week long Italy road trip. 

Both the Dominiks, Mario, Grady, Megan and I went to Italy after maybe a few hours planning and the week involved copious amounts of pizza, gelato, our soccer mum 7-seater bread van and backseat car alcohol (for tunnelling purposes). In Megan’s demands for highs and lows, this week was definitely a high point. 

I am, as always and as expected, behind on vlogs at the moment. In fact, it’s still mid-April according to my Vlogue Season 2 playlist. But that’s ok, I’ve about 6 or 7 left until I’m updated (and I haven’t been recording quite as much lately since I’m rather more concentrated on not being too sad about all the exchange children leaving my arms). 

On Friday I bought myself a big stack of blank loose leaf paper but still haven’t found the time to sit down at a desk and destroy a few pages with a brush pen. But soon. 

I still don’t have a scanner, but we’ll manage. 

How is it June already? I’m almost halfway through this year of emotional rollercoaster. My head isn’t above water but I’m growing gills I guess. Life is terrifying, strange and beautiful. I miss cheap watermelon. 

Please watch Chappie




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