• Annie

Monday; Disposable 10x

This last camera got the most shots I’ve ever liked in one camera. That last photo is a complete accident. I have no idea why it looks like that. Most of my disposable photos were accidents (or things not quite being what I wanted), so it’s been pretty fun. Maybe I’ll take more, but for now, all my money is going towards developing my rolls and rolls of film, which is actually cheaper overall but still a staggering amount of money (mostly because I am still learning about lighting, but so fun!).

Team Diannie posts start tomorrow! Swing ’round and take a look at my expensive film accidents. There will be many posts next month from my Europe visit (not so much a trip since I only really went to two places, both in France) and probably many blurry nothings with vague Mick faces everywhere. It’ll be great.

Mein Deutsch ist jetzt wohl wirklich Scheiße, Annie.