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Diannie; Experiment

The Mini Diana has the option to shoot in full frame (24×24 from memory) or in half frame (24×12). Being born frugal, I didn’t really shoot in full frame (and haven’t, half frame seems more fun) at all to try and cram 72 shots into one roll of film.

This roll was an expired (2009?) Kodak something (I didn’t get them with the box, since I think the owner of the place where I buy film just wanted to experiment himself). 

I’ve got so many things to do after France it’s incredible. On Saturday I met Kevin and Rowan for the first time (pst Future Perfect&Highest Heights) and it was cool as ice and had been on my list of to-do for a long while. It was the second time I’d ever met someone off the internet in the Real World and of the twice I’ve done it both times have been real fun and chill so I’d probably be up for it in the future times. 

So many catchups. So many.

The old Korean man who develops my photos for me in the city told me today that these half frames are really difficult to print. I think if I hand him 10 more rolls he’ll get used to it. Practice makes perfect, darling man!

My room is a real mess and my photos are overdue for a neatening up. I have too many empty albums now. I spent two days doing absolutely nothing and now I feel so restless.

More coming up!




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