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Diannie; Prequel

Jocelyn has her own UNO rules. They’re highly confusing because I did not grow up playing UNO, but I think they’re confusing even if you have grown up playing UNO.

Those photos really needed flash but I’m still learning. 

I finally have all my Europe photos back. I went to a different place to see how they would treat my photos (and inexperienced random snapping) but the new place wasn’t nearly as good as the lovely Korean man who does them for me usually, so I guess I’ll stick with him for now. He keeps telling me how difficult my photos are to print, but I always like the end result so much.

The night before my flight Effy invited me to run around Newtown. It took me a good long hour to decide if I was bothered to go out a night before a flight but #yolo I guess. We somehow ended up at Lazy Bones in Marrickville, which was infinitely amazing. I took an incredible amount of photos while intoxicated, without realising I had forgotten to take off the lens cap and pointlessly blinding people.


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Photos actually taken in Europe will be up next! I have over 200 photos to go through and sort and scan. Fun times. Holiday times.

Yesterday I woke up and texted Steffie immediately, who called and then we decided to go to Din Tai Fung. I’ve been waiting since Central Park had the promise to open one early 2013, so it was long anticipated. The food did not disappoint, although the prices did a little bit.

We decided on a whim to go to Waverley Cemetery, which I definitely recommend going to. It’s a short bus ride from the city, and I guess at some point I’ll probably put up photos since I took several on little Diana. There is ocean and a cemetery facing the ocean. How much more can you ask the world to give you? There were a ton of joggers and dogs, too, as with a beach area.

I will be eating a lot of cheap Japanese and Thai food in the upcoming few days. Very excited for that.

Time for missed Japanese food, Annie.

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