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Diannie; Arrival


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, or if I’ve said it at all, but I’ll probably never fly Air China again if I can help it. Even if it’s only just to avoid the thousands of babies. 

Many photos of Karonis were just too dark to turn out. I was so tired in transit I just couldn’t bear to use flash. 

The first thing I noticed about Europe was the mountains. 

It’s very telling that the first thing we did when we arrived was accidentally find our tutor and all congregate at the pub. 

I don’t think I took any photos on the first day at all, because I went to see quite a few screenings (as you should at a film festival). The first thing we did in the morning of the second day was go paddle-boating, which we ended up doing many times.

Old town is filled with tall buildings with flowers hanging out and many dogs. Many many dogs. Old town had more dogs than children. 

I’ve finally, finally gotten all my photos back the way I like them printed. I’ll be posting by the roll, and I changed rolls in the middle of the lake while surrounded by water and sunshine, so the rest of the paddle-boat photos will be posted on Thursday.

I did plenty of double exposures because my winding thing on my poor camera kept getting stuck. I have a suspicion that it started happening when I was too inebriated and fell on my face and perhaps something happened to it. Who knows? Battle scars, battle scars.

Every morning we went to Monoprix and bought supplies for the next few hours, went somewhere, feasted, considered the possibility of watching some screenings, did that, and then ate more. Then came the pub and a night of fun.

I’ve had a very good impression of Annecy so far. Maybe next year will be as good if I can convince friends to come with me.

I have been meaning to buy toilet paper for the past two weeks, and every time I have been grocery shopping I have forgotten. I’m on my last half roll, wish me luck. Adult life. The girl at my post office recognised me today and called me “stylish”. I am successful at life. Everything is good today.

Too much, Annie.



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