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Diannie; Sun and Strike


Pretty sure I had the wrong settings on during this whole thing, because none of the other photos look like this. I wasn’t even drunk. Just confused I suppose. Imagine if life looked like that.

We met one of Damian’s students from Kingston and he said many things that were interesting. There was a giant bag of alcohol and at some point a beach ball was kicked around. And food, so much food.

There is a whole mess of sun baking bodies there. My apologies (except not really because it looks slightly hilarious. Is that Jake or Karonis? Who knows), my winding doodad was really out of wack at this stage.

I wish plants here were as seemingly cheap as they are in Europe. I would own so many succulents and isn’t that just the dream life.

Also baguettes. Oh man I will live on baked goods next year and gain 400 kilos. Maybe then my doctors will stop telling me how severely under weight I am. That’s the plan next year: plants and food.

This post is so blurry.

Just before we left, we found out the trains we were to catch were on strike. So we rose literally at the crack of dawn to catch whatever they would let us on.

None of the photos of Joel captured his smug face when he managed to travel free from Annecy to Paris. A lady who got one somewhere in the middle of the route demanded that the whole train shift and step on each other so that she could have the seat she had booked, regardless of the fact that about four trains worth of people were currently jammed into this single train that wasn’t cancelled.

I have about four more Annecy photo posts left, and I’ll probably drag it out because schedules are for people who aren’t exciting or whatever.

Forms make me nervous, as do most types of organisation. I keep putting off all my applications and requests for people to help me out because what if I get everything wrong but I’ll have to do it some time… Just not right now. Procrastination is terrible. I’m made of the stuff.

Yesterday I found out that Origin is essentially giving out the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free (you just have to google it and redeem a code) so I got really excited and did all the things and got the game before realising that it was Windows only.

My night was pretty much ruined so I had four servings of pasta and a jar of jelly and that fixed me right up.

Uni starts next week and I am entirely unprepared to do any kind of German because I haven’t touched it since my last exam and I’m fairly sure I’m going to go through all sorts of panic and paranoia before I go to Zurich anyway, so I’m not really adding that much stress to me pre-Zurich preparation stage.

On the other hand, Mick and I started to do some animation related things together so that’s good progress.

I always put off German study for animation anyway.

Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei! Annie.



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