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update; europe & yet another apartment

I’ve moved! Again. And I’m back in Sydney! Horray.

I haven’t posted for a whole month because I’ve been in Europe pretty much this entire time. It was super intense to finally say goodbye to so many people all at once. I cried a lot on transport, sitting next to uncomfortable strangers.

I moved out of housing into mum’s suburban apartment just before I left for Europe, but actually didn’t get a chance to spend any time there before I left. It’s really strange to be living alone in an apartment after not being alone pretty much my entire life. Refreshing, but weird. I’ve learned in the past few years that I’m not particularly good at living with people, but I’m not good at being alone either. So I guess my comfort zone is somewhere in between inviting people over often, going over to people’s places and rejecting every plan so I can wallow.

Did you know that IKEA doesn’t have an online shopping option if you’re not a business? Pretty annoying for someone who doesn’t drive or live close enough to an IKEA. I’ve been in furniture hell in the past week. Everyone I know and their mums all know that I am utterly incapable of building furniture by myself (or at all, really) so the building part isn’t the problem, but choosing a whole apartment’s worth of furniture is taking a lot more time than I thought it would.

Vlad has been giving me tips on How to be an Adult Living Alone and it’s actually pretty useful.

I have another 5 rolls of film waiting to get developed, and will get them up as soon as I get my computer and printer/scanner running (and a desk of some sort). Right now I’m sleeping on my mother’s bed (it’s the only bed we own right now) and don’t even own a dining table or wifi so life is a little slow at the moment. Hopefully I will have all the things I need for regular life by next week, considering that university starts again on Monday.

My Mondays are looking very slightly better, by which I mean I end later by an hour but I also get two hours break in the middle of my full day instead of one, so it’s better than what it was I suppose.

I’m dreading my last semester of university. I’ll be glad when it’s done. 4 and a half years of uni has been a long time.

Drawings & photos soon I promise, Annie.



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