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Diannie; Illuminati


Mick and I had booked an apartment on Airbnb (recommended to me by a lovely darling) which thankfully turned out to be just as wonderful as the photos. The view was delicious and the buildings were as excellent as their rooftops. Every morning we woke up to birds that sounded so amazing they didn’t sound real, and every night we fell asleep to the sound of a nearby pub watching the World Cup, which isn’t at a ridiculous time like it is at home.

There was a supreme pizza place across the road which fit about four people snuggly inside the whole shop, and Karonis came over one night before we all left Paris to have the best Pizza Party there ever was.

Karonis took us on a tour around the city when we arrived, and then took Jess, Vanessa and Joel on the tour again when they arrived.

Everything in Paris had the same colours, and they were all amazing. All the shops were taller than they were wide, and (since it was a Saturday) everywhere had an incredible amount of people. We aren’t fans of queues so we didn’t go inside anywhere. I suppose if I really wanted to I could try again next year.

Somehow I feel like my rolls of expired film end up turning out better than my unexpired rolls do.

Heute war sehr anstrengend, Annie.



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