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It was very windy the day we went to Versailles. My camera was also acting up, but the result is still (accidentally) alright. 

It’s not hard to take nice photos of anywhere in France, really. Everything’s so lovely and old and film is silly but nice for it.

A quick Google search is telling me that it can cost over 100 CHF to develop film in Switzerland and oh man I do not want to do that. If anyone somehow out there in the internet world can direct me to an easier way of printing film photos in Europe please do. Please.

One of the best things about Anton’s apartment was all the knicknacks he had everywhere. There were several old film cameras that looked in excellent condition (I don’t know if they were operational or not though). 

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Now that the final photos are up I can put a little navigation thing on everything! Hooray. The next one will probably be back to drawings. Maybe. I’ve been drawing in class as usual. Today I drew four pages of doodles during my lecture because it was an introduction to the several thousand of years of Swiss history. Which isn’t bad by itself, but added to a monotonic voice I feel justified in two pages of non-dominant hand doodles.

I’ve been uploading a select few of this French set to lomography because why not. Maybe I’ll even do posts over there. Probably not. I already have so many fingers in so many pies.

I got my batteries and have started on my La Sardina. I have no idea what I’m doing. Instead of a bug icon I have a pair of scissors. Maybe it’s a limited rare edition of Wingding typo?? Who knows. I’ll take a photo of it.

So many links!

Draw soon, Annie.



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