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Saturday; Moving Bananaz

I finally figured out how to use gifs in my blog!!!!! Here are my two banana gifs from a while ago.

Here’s where I posted them first because why not. I have so many classroom drawings to scan in but there are all these 21st birthdays distracting me. 3 birthdays in one week oh man.

I’ve been posting quite a few drawings on Instagram in the past few days, actually.

I’m back to knitting my 5 year old scarf. Hopefully I’ll finish it before I go overseas and give it to Mick, but who knows what’ll happen. Maybe I’ll take it with me on the plane. I don’t even know how to finish anything I knit because I don’t actually know how to knit it off the needle. What even is knitting.

It’s spring soon! I’m so tired of the cold. I can’t wait to wear less than 5 layers.

I want to own a dog, Annie.



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