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Thursday; Deutsch, Noch Einmal

Hi friends,

I’ve been down with the Exams in the last month or so. Here are some things I’ve been doing instead of studying.

About two hours ago I went to the Mac store to make them do what I could never bring myself to do. A very nice lady came up to me after I sat on a stool for fifteen sweaty minutes, took one look at my laptop after pressing two buttons and told me that I’d have to erase the whole thing.

I’m manually going through all my new settings currently and looking at all the apps that come with my Mac that I never use. It wasn’t that big of a deal in the end. Kind of just felt like I’d shaved all my hair, which doesn’t mean too much to me at all. I’d started all my recent assignments on Google Drive, and I take about a hundred photos on my phone every single day. Two or three months of the last whatever isn’t going to be much missing later down the track.

The moral of the story is that nothing really matters in the end because who needs back ups of memories? (high fives echo into the abyss)

I probably could have split this drawing post into about three drawing posts, but what better than a big bootied post to show me exactly how much I’ve been paying attention in class? These are all exclusively drawn in Deutsche Klasse, and I’m not even posting the ones that aren’t that nice looking.

There will be some queued posts, Annie



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