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Diannie; Preemptive Nostalgia

I kind of grew up in a combination of everywhere, so my nostalgia for the rough and often uncomfortable landscape of whatever it is that Sydney has doesn’t stem from growing up by it. 

But I haven’t even left yet, and I already miss it. 

For the first time in my whole life I have a home in a place and in some people, so I guess it’s more of a case of starting to miss something that I know I’m going to have to leave behind for a while. I keep looking through my old photos at all the things that I’ve done lately to make me more comfortable living inside myself and everything makes me feel kind of weird inside. 

I’ve been thinking that maybe for the first time in my life, I’ll be able to feel homesick. 

I met a pug named Leo the other day, and took some photos to have a film version of him forever. 

Once I found a way to keep the colour strips on me, I tested a few colours out at Michael’s, and it seems that purple has turned out the best. Poor Michael. I blinded his face so many times for the sake of colour. 

When I went to get this roll of film back a few weeks ago from the old Korean man who develops my rolls, he recognised me through the mirror at the back of his store and turned away from his other customer to sing my name a few times. I told him that I was there to collect my photos and he sung my name over and over while he looked for my little packet of photos, ignoring his other customer (poor thing, sorry). Perhaps he was happy that he remembered my name, because when I went to get this roll developed earlier that week he looked crestfallen when he went to fill out the payment form and realised that he had forgotten my name.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, so there will be another drawing post (wow!!!!!!!!!!) once I’ve handed in this essay and gotten started on drawing the next thing for some sort of thingy.

Scanning is much harder than it seems.

I know I said that it may be a while until I post next, but in reality I’m most productive creatively when I have a lot of other stuff that I should be doing. I wrote a report for Annecy in a few hours with Michael the other day but last night it took me too many hours to write an essay on Swiss politics because I kept getting distracted and drawing, which can’t possibly be the worst thing to procrastinate with.

I also made a thing the other day from a flipbook-esque thing I made during Secret Art Club time with Michael (except he left me to do my tiny 24 frame animation while he helped someone with 3d – very forgivable). But I want to make it into a post so I guess I’m not going to link anything. If you follow me literally anywhere else I’d have seen it already, probably.

I’m thinking about getting a vlogging camera (especially for next year to force myself to do something interesting every day), but this is the only one I like, and I don’t know if anywhere close by stocks it at all? Hard life.

I can’t stop going on Etsy, Annie.



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