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Wednesday; Pre-Mural

Effy and I spent a few hours in the last few weeks painting a mural at Lentil as Anything, and then ate food and drew people after each session. It was incredible. Everyone should go there and get involved, they’re doing something amazing there. 

I took all these photos of the mural with a disposable, so those will be up soon (unless I hopefully do some proper work in the next three weeks). 

There’s straight up another post!!! I have posts lined up!!! My creative flow is so much better when my uni work flow is terrible. That’s really gotta be fixed at some point, but I guess not now. Not yet. 

I have a presentation this Friday, a referat the Monday after that, and then an exam and a quiz two weeks after that. And then, hopefully, I’d have already done all of my visa things by then and can just have some holidays before I get into packing heavily and saying goodbyes. 

I’m looking forward a little to all the goodbyes in contrast to all the hellos I’ll be doing again when I get back. Who knows what’ll happen in between? 

The other day in class we somehow started talking about how physically leaving always has a negative feeling attached to it. There are groups of people who can easily overlook that, and classmates spoke about how family can easily get back to like you never left. In reality, leaving will always mean that you’ve missed out on something, but somehow I feel like I need it. I need something new for a little bit, so hopefully I won’t leave behind too much, or be forgotten for too long. 

Very hopeful, 




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