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Diannie; Light

I messed up and snapped this roll of film inside the camera thanks to a weird thing in my winding system. It turned out much better than I hoped, since to get the film out without completely ruining it I had duct taped a pill bottle and unwound the film in my bathroom (since it is the darkest spot in my apartment), put fingerprints and other god knows what things all over it and shut it in the dark and really just hoped for the best. There are so many light leaks in this roll, but I’m just kind of happy that the whole roll was saved enough to look at pretty pictures now.

I’ll have some time soon (hopefully) to organise and print some photos that I specifically took for Another Hideaway a few weeks ago.

Things like assignments have, as usual, gotten in the way of that. The real culprit (also as usual) is my lack of time management, but who’s blaming who here?

Beams Light Festival was a few weeks ago (which dates this roll back to between late August and September) and the UTS first years did a fantastic job.

A few of us went to The Rose Hotel afterwards, which looks deceivingly small from the outside, and shenanigans occurred.

My mother is in town! I also have a lot of work that I should be doing, but I’m knitting instead. I finished knitting that 4 year (now 5 year) old scarf and it’s ready and on it’s way to Michael. Or as much as it can be on it’s way without leaving my apartment yet.

Mum bought with her some things I asked her for, including:

  1. blank tote bags

  2. hard drives for Michael and I

  3. stockings

  4. excellent company and conversation

We immediately went to have steak last night, because my mother always requires a bout of steak, sashimi and pho when she’s in the country. Highly enjoyable. 

I have a really heavy spot in my heart for succulents, so every time I’m around the Botanic Gardens I always try and find my way to the succulent garden. My sense of direction is astoundingly terrible, which is really great for Michael because he gets to be right about directions almost 100% of the time.

I’ve been going to the Botanic Gardens since I was a child. There’s a tape somewhere in the vaults of my father’s garage that has a video recorded of me crawling around some patch of grass near the Opera House, with a string of bells on my ankle in a very fluffy white dress that I most certainly covered in grass stains.

It’s exam time week after next. I have no idea how, but I’ll probably make it to the other side of that at some point. Meanwhile, there’s always the procrastination fuelled week before.

Lots of things are happening in the space of the next month, so hopefully I’ll still find the time to procrastinate and post.

I dreamt that James Potter had red hair last night, Annie.



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