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Thursday; Shall I?

Let’s begin with hello.

I’m the extra blank tiles they give you in mahjong sets. I’m kind of the same thing as all the other tiles except I play no part in the actual game itself, generally, so I just kind of sit aside but I’m not very good at that. Or maybe I’m the five cent you’ve found on the street who’s lost from the rest of the pack. Perhaps I embody society’s desire to defy every characteristic category it’s assigned everyone.

The point is that I lose track of myself often, I think.

I have numerous issues with life but we shall not dwell on that here. Instead, we will feast your mind’s eyes on the oddity that I seem to channel well.

There isn’t very much to know. Blogging is something I have never done quite right, so I might just hit the nail on the head this time, send it off and wish it dead. I write, I sing, I play guitar. I paint and draw and sketch and create and sometimes, late at night, I lay in bed and think of the path I’m travelling down. Generally in these thoughts I am not blindfolded. Sometimes I am.

There are three people in my life that I shall never let live in peace, because I’ve decided to have them constantly in my life. They’re not travelling down the same road as I am, but we cross paths multiple times, and sometimes they piggyback me for a while. One distant day I will offer them every single drop of happiness that I have left, and then shove it in their faces and run away because they are far too generous to accept any of it graciously.

Last summer bought a world of change into my life, and perhaps this one will too. I wait in anticipation for the four months to pass and my life to emerge on the faraway shore, covered in glitter and possibly some sort of oil and pollution. Life’s pretty great, without the rainbows and whatnot. I’ve grown an eye for reality.

I’ve not drawn anything decent today, but I’ve bought an amazing stash of secondhand clothing. That’s got to amount to something. And made a journal blog! That’s got to be pretty great.

Goodnight, my dears, Annie.



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