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Tuesday; Disposable 3.0

As always, the omnipotent Abercrombie and it’s jugs and fries and hordes of poor uni students enticed a bunch of us enough to go there after our final exhibition (the one I forgot to stick up here). This is my favourite set of photos. This is it.

There’ll be drawings up soon enough, and then probably my Christmas and New Year photos after that. At least I’m posting.

I’m still knitting that stupid scarf. I’ve been knitting it for four years and it’s still around the length of my arm (ie. not very long). On the other hand, I finally finished Steve Job’s biography, which I started at the beginning of last year and never touched again (until the last few days). I have also had a few battles with Telstra (again) so now we’re at a point where I have a specific person assigned to me to contact when Telstra inevitably screws me over, again.

I’m highly excited for my Christmas break from work so I can finally animate.

That’s about it, Annie.



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