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Thursday; Kiribanz

I remember, some years ago, climbing the avocado tree with Kristin in her aunt’s backyard and thinking about the future. I’d sit in one of the lower branches while Kristin would skilfully scale to the top, where there was no space to sit and the branches swayed when the wind blew. Sometimes her aunt would see us from the house, or one of my grandparents would spot us from the back street and sweetly scold us. It became quite the mission to get into the tree for our routine future thinking.

Sometimes, if we were in need of some extra peace and quiet, we would climb onto her shed roof and watch the clouds. We were almost always caught and (since it was repeatedly forbidden) told off, but would always find our way back there until the branch closest to the shed roof was cut off.

Before I forget, here are some things I’ve been doing in the past month end of semester:

  1. making pastel bracelets

  2. doing a bizarre amount of online shopping

  3. editing bits of Mick’s bachelor grad exhibition (which I didn’t have time or energy to post about bc I was getting drunk and proud and secretly crying a lot)

  4. forgetting all the German I’ve learnt in the past two years and pointlessly panicking about my exam

  5. ignoring other responsibilities, including anything that has a form attached to it

  6. applying to 4000 things for next year

  7. finally starting a project with Michael

While we’re at it, here’s an excerpt from my list of what I’ve got left to do:

  1. figure out where to live next year

  2. summer 2015????????

  3. organise the youtubes

  4. go to the doctors like a proper adult and get a proper adult blood test and checkity check

  5. make some notebooks with all the paper I’ve got for some reason

  6. write a big pack list

  7. develop stuff

Last week I found out that I got a scholarship from UZH for something or rather, and felt really accomplished until a few emails later when I found out that the scholarship was automatically generated for pretty much all exchange students. Which made me feel extra special. Thanks UZH! Your email response times are off the chain. 

I’ve been really getting into Bullet Journaling lately, and might even make a video about it at some point. Or a comic or something. Make it into something since I’ve been so productive with that system modified. 

My Etsy cart is, for the first time since getting an account there, empty! I don’t feel the need to online shop at all since all the things I’ve been considering buying I’ve eventually crossed off somehow. The only thing I honestly can say I want at this point is a black windbreaker, but that can wait. I’m all about pastels at the moment.

November has been rest time. I’ll have photos and drawings back up on a regular soon!

When I was 13, I met and kept in touch with a bunch of talented artists on deviantArt (god bless that website). I’m not sure if it’s still a thing, but I recall being very excited about kiribans, so I’m going to take this post to thank all of the people who have ever somehow found their way to this blog because I have been somewhat conditioned by my past to feel like every single pageview is amazing. Which is to say that they all really are.

It’s been a little over 2 years of this blog and, even though I feel kind of weird about my older, fairly pretentious blog posts, I do have plans for this to keep going.

Thanks for sticking around, Annie.



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