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Diannie; Gardens

The new bakery in Central Park opened up a while ago, and their food is unbelievably good. Mick and I also went to the Botanic Gardens because I love love love the succulent gardens. I took a crazy amount photos, like always.

Mick got me a camera for our anniversary. Time for some fish eye stuff! Not that I need another camera, but hey. The more the merrier, as always. I’ve also bought more things off Etsy, and went to the beach with Effy and Ayon (which there’ll be photos about later). At this rate you may as well follow me on the Instagramz. It’ll be fun! A journey etc.

Effy, Steffie and I are going to see Willow Beats tonight. Steffynnie or something, on the go! Will report back soon ~_~

Fun times, Annie.



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