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Sunday; Southern hemisphere.

We’ll start with summer.

I have had half a summer thus far, and here is a short list of what has happened:

  1. I have fallen in love with one of the greatest eternal friends of mine;

  2. I have drawn less regularly than I would perhaps prefer but I am spending more time on each drawing;

  3. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I am going to spend it with people who are practically family;

  4. I have spent a few weeks drastically low on money due to the ridiculous gifts I have been purchasing for my golden trio and golden people, for Christmas or otherwise;

  5. My room is a great mess right now due to Christmas gift wrapping and hiding;

  6. Kristin, my beautiful flatmate, has gone and come back from a cruise;

  7. I have spent way too much time with my lovely significant others but I don’t even mind (simultaneously because I am a paranoid person I am now going to avoid people for a few days in case people get sick of me);

  8. I watched all the Lord of the Rings movies and will soon proceed to read them all once I find a set of hardcover books that I fall in love with because if anything I will judge a book by it’s cover;

  9. I watched Rise of the Guardians and cried. Thrice, through out the movie;

  10. I cried a lot in Lord of the Rings. Multiple times. I lost count. That should be saying something, I guess;

  11. I am tumbling at the speed of a round child falling down a flight of stairs into the Lord of the Rings fandom because the world is just seriously fantastic in all sense of the word;

  12. Mick gave me a cork board which I haven’t yet done anything to but will, soon;

  13. I’m slowly getting back to digital paintings, click here to take a look at progresses;

  14. My animators and I have been having a few get togethers throughout summer and I miss them constantly; 

  15. There was a Harry Potter marathon but I got a little tired of it around about the fourth movie (we were watching the extended versions and the first three movies alone were like 8 hours straight of Harry Potter) so I went to Mick’s place and we started the Lord of the Rings marathon it was crazy and terrific;

  16. I am slowly in the process of acquiring all the episodes of Quite Interesting (QI) and it feels amazing because I love Stephen Fry like dog loves it’s master;

  17. I’ve not baked for a while and that makes me sad;

  18. My current repeat music is The Black Keys;

  19. I saw a group of friends that I’ve not seen in months and months the other day and it was glorious because it was like nothing really changed when everything’s changed. It’s those moments that make my life worth crawling through, because there are moments when you sit back and just know that the world is ok, and everything is fine;

  20. We decided on our Christmas menu the other day and hopefully it turns out fantastic because it’d be nice to make the ones that care the most feel ok and that we can care for ourselves;

  21. I haven’t done much animation but plan on doing so in January, which, on another totally unrelated note, has the most amount of birthdays that I am to assist in celebrating, so January is going to be incredible. Like every other month of next year, hopefully. 

I have come to realise that it’s the comfortable silences which separate the good friends from the ones I will hold close forever. When the world is chaotic and everything is rushing by and people are changing faster than a magician’s assistant changing outfits, and all the terrible things of the world build up inside, having someone who can shut you down, take you a quiet place and just sit next to you and share a peaceful moment is one of the most precious things that I will ever experience, I think.

I don’t really understand much of this world, but I do understand that there are amazing things that I will live for. It’s all sorts of little and big and everything in between.

There’s been a wave of calm that’s washed over me as of late, like an extreme level of relaxation. I would like to think that it is due to the summer and the lack of university work, but it isn’t. It’s because my friends and lovely, wonderful golden trio have wedged themselves (further more) in between my heart and mind and turned the staleness into a brilliant sort of mustard and lavender coloured warmth.

This summer is going to change my life just as much as the last one did. There’s a part of me that wishes for stability and monotony, but it doesn’t rear it’s fangs often enough for me to pay much attention to it, because I know that I would be completely happy for my each and every year to change my life as much as the last. 

I don’t want to get to a point of living like a straight line. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I don’t think it would ever do anything to benefit me. 

I think my life is turning into one long extended metaphor.

And I think I love you, 




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