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Tuesday; Hella Bro

I made Michael a thing for fun.

I started drawing this before I came up with a sequence, so the first 2 pages make me sound way more romantic than I am (since I am not, like at all). I’ve been making a thousand little notebooks, which I’ll take photos of soon. Meanwhile, click on these guys and pretend you’re flipping through this tiny thing horray! It’s about the size of my hand (real small) and one of a kind. 

I have plans to use all my other 10 page notebooks for this kind of thing, and might actually plan a few out before drawing them this time. I have so many notebooks. If anyone wants a scraggy notebook let me know, I’ll probably have one suitable. 

I’ve been hoarding paper since I was 7 years old and started cutting Sunday comics out of the newspaper my uncle bought. Considering I’ve moved 4 times and traveled even more times, my current collection of what was collage paper is enormous, so I’ve been thinning it down before I leave to make so many so many notebooks. I have made 18 so far in two nights. I also have a ton of paper at the end of notebooks and sketchbooks that have a few pages left at the end. Upcycling is messy and fun. 

Today the photo man forgot my name, and gave me a “Christmas discount”, bless him. It’s been at least a year and I still don’t know his name though, so forgetting mine is very forgivable. 

Mick opened his gift today because I pressured him to and wanted to look through what I got him anyway. David Shrigley is amazing. I didn’t recognise the name, but a quick Google image search tells me that I was already in love with this guy without knowing his name anyway. Artist crushes. Hard life. 

I’m probably going to spend Christmas Eve at my aunt’s eating the most amount of turkey I can possibly fit inside my body, and Christmas Day back home making another batch of notebooks because Mick is probably working. I keep telling people that if they want any of my notebooks to please tell me but I don’t think anyone does so I’m not sure what I’ll do with all these notebooks. Eat them. Nourishment.

I might do a Christmas drawing later, on Christmas. It’ll be fantastic horray!

Merry Christmas, live forever,




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