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Saturday; Quilts

When I got home today I wanted to be productive. 

I didn’t want to look up any reference, so I guess that’s just what comes to mind when I have to resort to simplicity. Anime.

I rewatched the first two or three seasons of Sailor Moon this year. I started rewatching them last year to see how far I could go without going crazy, but it seems like Sailor Moon is a strangely satisfying anime for a 20 year old. It’s partially the nostalgia and partially the character flaws.

I have always preferred watching television shows and anime that’s already finished, so to binge watch 30 episodes in one sitting. I don’t really recommend it. It’s probably not very good for you.

I tried very hard today to learn Illustrator, so all these images are drawn in Illustrator but coloured in in Photoshop because I just couldn’t get my head around the Blob Tool or whatever it’s called. If anyone knows a nice short tutorial on colouring in Illustrator please pass it on to me because I have completely given up.

I think I might be allergic to mango, which is sad news. My Christmas baking was evidently a success, technically, which is not sad news. I received the following for Christmas:

  1. a pair of shoes with spikes and things

  2. tea

  3. a milk carton made of glass (???)

  4. a scroll of handmade paper with a leather thing

  5. Shaun Tan’s Metropolis Pictura (colour in thing it’s SO COOL)

  6. a box of biscuits


  8. a Moleskin sketchbook

  9. Shaun Tan’s Rules of Summer

  10. my mother’s blessings to buy myself a new tablet with her money

  11. my father’s possible invitation to his next karaoke session

I think it has been a very good Christmas. I hope New Years is as cool in temperature and happiness as Christmas was this year; although no rain would be nice. I am severely looking forward to this year’s extra thingy because of Reg Mombassa’s involvement, and the involvement of Nat with a bake date wow food and such.

I should really clean my room.





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