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Tuesday; So Very Hairy (part 1)

I drew a two part comic about my hair growth because it’s done a lot of changing in the past few years of life. But then I realised I used too many pages for part one and part two feels a little rushed. Then again my life is currently rushed.

It’s a metaphor or something. Part two will post tomorrow, while I go romping around for New Years Eve.

I want to say that the past year has been a really fast year and WOW WE’RE NEW YEARS ALREADY but in reality 2014 has been the perfect speed for me. It had lots of things happening and didn’t go too fast, or too slow, and now we are here and I am something like 26 days away from leaving the country. Things are happening.

I’ve set up a Youtube account in preparation for the likelihood of me making vlogs next year. It hasn’t got much on it right now because I’m still testing the waters, but I guess if you like you can peep.

I went to get my photos today and have realised that now that I have so many cameras I shoot photos from the same day on multiple rolls of film, which gives me the excuse of not really posting things in chronological order (as though I did ever). Photos AND drawings in queue? That can’t be.

I guess I’ll do all the scanning and things now so I can do adult things like drinking and taxes for the next few days. Queuin’ up.

Hairy babies, Annie.

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