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photos; I forgot about this roll

I think this roll was still in the camera when I got back from Europe, but it got a bit jumbled and I accidentally did some double exposures on it somehow. I have no idea. It feels like years ago. 

I’m pretty sure this is Venice with some Florence spliced into it. 

Of all the places one could vacation in, Italy and Greece are definitely two of the best. I’ve no doubt that Italy, if you don’t include the time I spent in Switzerland, is the one European country I’ve spent the most amount of time in. 

I should try and do double exposures on the yellow camera more often, I rather love these. 

I very much miss Europe.

I have no idea when I’m going to get to go back. There’s so many things to do this year, so many places to go and see. 

I’ll be uploading photos from NZ and the very few I took in Melbourne soon, after I finish up the handful of photos I took last year. 

It’s quite incredible how few photos I took last year. 

That last bit is clearly Vlad. I have no idea where or when. This has been a throughly confusing roll of film. I think it was the one that I lost in my bag and it probably was weirdly bumped or something somehow.. Anyway. 

Things to do in February:

  1. Connor settlement

  2. Start on the site portal & icon images

  3. Find a part time job for the love of god

  4. Tatsuo Miyajima@MCA

  5. Tropfest

  6. Tahiti 14/02-21/02

  7. Actually so many films to watch

More soon, 




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